Truckee Pride week June 3-9

Local Business Guide

Thank you all for the many ways you've helped make this possible!

Learn more about the business benefits of getting involved in Truckee's Pride week:

  • Supporting Our Community: Businesses who participate in Truckee Pride can show their support for diversity and inclusion in our community.
  • Marketing and Events Calendar: Businesses that participate in Truckee Pride are featured in our marketing materials and events calendar, reaching a wider audience of locals and visitors.
  • Increased Sales: Businesses get increased foot traffic and sales from both locals and visitors celebrating Truckee Pride week.

Levels of Support

Here are some ways that local businesses can participate:

  • Window Display: A pride flag, poster or other symbol of support in their window
  • Selling Pride-Themed Items: Sell Pride-themed merchandise, such as books, t-shirts, or food and drinks
  • Hosting An Event: Host a Pride-themed event, such as a group ride, live music, trivia or reading group. To be added to the official events calendar, get in touch.
  • Support:* Sponsor Truckee Pride Week or give in-kind contributions.

    * Truckee Pride Week is proudly run by local volunteers. All sponsorship goes directly to Pride events, music, food and decorations.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Friend - $250+ Logo on our website and social media shout-outs
  • Champion - $5,000+ The above plus physical banner and shout-outs at major events
  • Unicorn - $20,000+ The above plus booth at our festival and speaking opportunities (and knowing you helped make some really awesome events possible!)

How can we help?

We're here to support local businesses in any way we can. We can provide businesses with marketing materials, help you plan and promote your events, and connect you with other businesses and organizations in the community.

‍Fuestions or requests, please send us an email.

We hope you'll consider participating in Truckee Pride 2024. Lets have fun and make Truckee a more welcoming and inclusive place!

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